H2-Insitu Sensors

H2 measurement with optional O2 input

The H2-Insitu sensors provide a measurement of hydrogen gas percentage in a sampled gas while allowing for an external oxygen input.

The in-situ hydrogen sensor (right) is typically mounted directly to the top of a furnace and does not require any additional sample lines or pumps to operate. 

The flow-through hydrogen sensor (left) contains an inlet and outlet and mounts on DIN rail.

H2-Insitu Features
Easy to operate
Web page enabled with web-based calibration
Ammonia compatible design
Optional exhaust
Ethernet and USB connection to PC
User-assignable alarms
Easy integration with SCADA package






H2 Sensor Specifications 
Range0 - 100%
Accuracy+/- 1%
Repeatability+/- 1%
Resolution+/- 0.01%

O2 Sensor Specifications 
Range0 - 21%
Accuracy+/- 0.1%
Resolution+/- 0.01%

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