Product Feature: FNC Controls

Ferritic-nitrocarburizing (FNC) is becoming a more popular process to improve a part’s mechanical properties and corrosion resistance for plain carbon and low alloy constructional steels.

Improved mechanical properties are a result of the addition of nitrogen (N2) and carbon into the steel structure. The addition of these elements also improves the corrosion resistance of the steel component by forming nitrides, carbonitrides, and even carbides with iron. These compounds are stable at room temperature to prevent or delay the formation of rust in corrosive environments. Additional corrosion resistance can be achieved through oxidation of any free iron at the surface that did not form one of the aforementioned nitrogen/carbon compounds.

As process controls and sensors improve and become more capable of selectively measuring and controlling parameters, we are know that heat treatment is not as much “Black Magic” as was once perceived.

Super Systems offers analyzers and control components for the measurement of atmospheres used for both nitrding and FNC. Our engineering team can provide a complete system for your existing equipment or for your favorite furnace OEM. Our goal is to provide you with the right equipment to make sure you are properly controlling the atmosphere for FNC and nitriding processes.

We have gas analyzers that provide sophisticated evaluation of your atmosphere and can be used in conjunction with a modular controller, an HMI with data logging, and even electronic gas flow meters to ensure that ammonia, nitrogen, endo/CO2 and air are introduced at the right amount to ensure a metallurgically sound part with the proper aesthetics.

Our equipment provides control of the pre and post oxidation, Kn, Kc, Ko, temperature and time control for repeatability.

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