9130 Controller with Data Logging

The 9130 is a universal programmable temperature controller used for single loop control, addressing the need for data logging and recipe/timer thermal process applications.

9130 Overview Screen


Touch Screen Interface
Digital Data Logging for Flash Card - Built-in Paperless Recording
300 24-Step Recipes
DIN Rail Mount
8 Relay Contacts
24VDC (Power Supply Included)
Analog Outputs - PV Retransmission
Multiple PIDs
Overshoot Suppression Logic
Auto Tuning
Three (3) RS485, Two (2) RS232, Ethernet
4-20mA Current Control Output
Three (3) Isolated Inputs

Timer Options

Timer options allow for configuration for flexible
management of process control
Configurable start modes

  • Deviation

  • Band

  • Operator

Configurable control modes

  • Turn off output on completion

  • Auto to manual mode

  • Hold on deviation

  • Hold on band

User configured acknowledgement
Digital input control

  • Timer run/hold

  • Timer reset/acknowledgement

Software Included:
TS Manager - Data management for touch screen flashcard. Remote data viewer, historical data backup, SuperDATA integration.
Configurator - Remote setup and configuration of controller.

Recipe Management, Opcodes Include:
Ramp at rate
Guarantee soak on control and active load thermocouple
Delay time
Thermocouple temperature inquiry
Remote setpoint to slave instruments
Branch and jump to other programs
Limit control output
Change PID settings

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