Universal Temperature Controller with Timer

The X5 is a single loop temperature controller used in a wide variety of applications where timers are necessary. It is designed to combine temperature and timer operation for a temper / draw furnace.

Standalone timer (countdown)
Ability to pause and change value at any time
Ability to reset at any time
Timer tied to an optional logic input to start time
Timer complete tied internally to a logic and/or relay output for cycle complete

Ideal for temper/draw applications where analog timers are used
Logic inputs used with push buttons for very easy-to-use interface
Automatically download setpoint and time from SuperDATA
Universal Temperature Control

  • Auto-tuning

  • Adaptive tuning


  • Modbus

  • Profibus

Input logic -3 digital inputs

  • Deviation

  • Band threshold

  • Absolute threshold

1/8 DIN - 48x96 mm
6 Outputs

  • 4 Relay

  • 2 Analog

Update time: 50 ms

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