HP2000 Self-Heated Oxygen Probe


There are certain applications where an in situ oxygen probe is impractical. For those applications SSi recommends the HP2000 self-heated oxygen probe. This system supplies the temperature required to make an oxygen probe function. For some applications, such as a multi-tube generator or a rotary retort furnace, this probe will allow you to extract a continuous sample of the atmosphere stream and pass it by a standard oxygen probe. Applications:


  • Rotary Furnaces Sample line extended into furnace beyond quench chute
  • Opposite-end from atmosphere introduction
  • Adequate filter system
  • Conservative addition of enriching gas
  • Manifold “sample” lines
  • Allow for condensation drip
  • Fixed sample lines
  • Low temperature applications
  • Nitrogen-based low temperature, miscellaneous protective atmospheres
  • %Oxygen in residual combustion gases.
  • Manual “shut-off” valves are suggested


%Carbon:0.01% to 1.6%
Temperature:1100 to 2000°F (593.3 to 1093.3°C)
Mounting1" NPT
Impedance:Less than 10k ohms








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