Product Feature: AutoGEN

Your endothermic generator is the “heart” of the heat treat operation. SSI‘s AutoGEN automated system represents the latest in generator control utilizing sophisticated flow-loop algorithms to perform demand-based control on endothermic gas generators.

The AutoGEN is designed to fully automate generator control including temperature, dew point, air gas flow and automatic turn down.

If your facility is burning excess endothermic gas, the AutoGEN system can save you money by delivering the required amount of gas that your heat treat operation requires. In addition, AutoGEN consistently delivers quality endothermic gas that gives you optimal metallurgical results.

As furnaces go on- or off-line, the change in header pressure in the generator outlet provides an immediate indication of the system’s demand for endothermic gas. As this pressure sensor measures the outlet header pressure, the AutoGEN will increase the air blower speed as more gas is needed and decrease the speed when less is required, using a VFD tied into the control system. This computed adjustment delivers the right amount of gas with no excess or waste. In fact, the AutoGEN can meet and often exceed a 6-to-1 turndown ratio. As the coarse ratio is managed, the AutoGEN will initiate and automate the trim adjustments to meet the precise dew point required to meet the metallurgical demands of your heat treat process.

Super Systems analyzers, eFlo2.0 electronic flow meters, and modular matrix control system do all the work to deliver high quality and precise quantity of endothermic gas to your heat treat facility. The system provides visualization of real time data with access to historical information stored on the industrial HMI touch screen. The AutoGEN can be specified and included to your new generator or retrofit onto an existing unit giving you the modern control system that is economical, efficient, and environmentally responsible.

Please contact us to discuss how we improve the “health” of your heat treat operation with SSi’s AutoGEN generator control solution.