ExoGen represents the next advancement in generator controls utilizing sophisticated flow loop algorithms to perform demand-based control on exothermic gas generators. ExoGen is designed to fully automate generator control including startup, shutdown, atmosphere, and automatic turndown.

For optimal metallurgical results, precise control of key process variable types is required. These variables include flow, CO2, dew point, and gas-to-air ratio (before the mixture is cracked into exothermic gas). The header pressure of the generator outlet provides an indication of the furnace’s demand for exothermic gas. A pressure sensor at the generator outlet measures the outlet header pressure; ExoGen will increase the air blower speed when more gas is needed and decrease the speed when less gas is needed.

ExoGen is based on SSi’s Matrix controller, giving it exceptional scalability and range of functionality. An advanced segment-based programmer provides recipe control. The control interface is a 12.1” color touch screen (with the option to use SSi Configurator for PC-based control). ExoGen provides built-in data logging, alarm management, and maintenance scheduling.

Generator Control
Temperature Control Loop
CO2 Trim Control
Electronic Flow Readings and Control
Gas Ratio Control
Configurator Remote Control/Management Software
Header Pressure Control
12.1" Color Touch Screen
Video Recording
Current & Historical Alarm Information
Configuration Utilities
Quick Visual of Generator Status
Ethernet Connectivity
Includes Air Blower, VFD, and Air Filter Assembly
Temperature Hi-Limit

Control Power110/220 VAC
CommunicationsModbus TCP, Modbus RS485
Gas TypeNatural Gas, Propane
Turndown Ratio6:1
Max. Operating Temp.122°F / 50°C
Exothermic Gas Capacity700 - 13,500 sfch / 19.82 - 382.32 m³/h

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