Miscellaneous Furnace Control

Argon Furnace System and Flow Panel


System Components
SSi's 9000 Series Controller
15" industrial touch screen operator interface
SSi's 5-channel analog input modules
Dell inside door-mounted computer
Door mounted computer keyboard shelf


Screens to be viewed:
Furnaces 1, 2, & 3
Control configurator
Alarm history
Trend charts

Within each of the furnaces you can view:
System overview
Flows for each furnace
Data (set points and process variables for each zone within each furnace)
Motor switched (start/stop)


Detail DATA from Furnace 3 (F3)

  • Zone Data (Top, Middle, and Bottom) Actual temperature
  • Temperature set point
  • Percent output
  • Manual control versus recipe or automatic
  • Trend charts
  • In addition, you can view the different load T/C’s on each of the furnace cars

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