MGA 6010

 Precision Measurement of Protective Heat Treating Atmospheres

Continuous NDIR

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IR %C Calculation and indication of probe %C
Capable of Probe Plus IR for automatic adjustment of COF/PF
Custom configurable calculations and gas ratios available
Integrated automatic calibration
Color touch screen
Digital inputs for pump Start/Stop, Inhibit COF/PF adjustment, Initiate Zero calibration, Initiate Span calibration
Automatic sampling parameters prevent damage to instrument
4-20mA output for each gas
Two user-assignable alarm outputs with visible alarm indication
Two Ethernet ports (one direct to screen, another direct to sensor)

Conventional Endo Gas

Enhances quality through process repeatability and accuracy
Furnace atmosphere diagnostics assists in maintenance troubleshooting
Furnace process verification
3-gas measurement replaces manual adjustment of COF
Sooting, air leaks, water leaks, and radiant tube leaks quickly identified through 3 gas measurement
Elevated levels of CH4 provide indication of furnace or generator problems

Nitrogen/Methanol Endo Gas

Compensation of furnace carbon dependent on CO and furnace temperature
Provides verification of this reaction CH3 OH ---> CO + 2H2
3-gas measurement replaces manual adjustment of COF
N2 bubbles, sparger restrictions, unbalanced N2/MEOH system identified through 3-gas measurement
3-gas will show possible problems (i.e. sooting, water leaks, air leaks, and radiant tube leaks)

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    Probe + IR

    COF limits predetermined for % Carbon adjustment
    Millivolt and temperature limits for furnace gas sampling
    Switch from probe + IR control to "monitor" mode

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