Product Feature: Vacuum Controls

Vacuum heat treat remains a staple of heat treatment – hardening parts under high temperature paired with a rapid quench (or slow anneal). This process remains an ideal solution for processing to eliminate both oxidation and contamination without sacrificing desirable metallurgical traits.

Ever-changing AMS2750 and AMS2769 specifications, coupled with even quicker changes with available technology result in an even faster development for process controls. Super Systems offers a robust vacuum controls platform, centered on our 9220 Series Vacuum Controller. This 9220 controller combines industry standard communication protocols to eliminate introduced analog error and greatly reduce the number of calibration points.

Our engineering team can provide a complete system for your existing equipment or for your favorite furnace OEM. We can design a system that integrates typical ramp/soak profiles—with consideration of load thermocouples and third party vacuum and dew point sensors. If already in place, our system can include those existing sensors, avoiding replacing items in perfectly good working condition. Our goal is to provide you with the right equipment to make sure you are properly controlling your vacuum process.

Our equipment includes partial pressure control and outgassing protection, and temperature and time control for repeatability. In addition, our “digital trim” package allows antiquated VRT control systems to replace rheotstats with individual SCRs. Digital trim pairs adjustable trim settings to each VRT across varying temperatures; resulting in minimized overshoot and improved uniformity at all temperature ranges.

Our 9220 controller can be offered with, or integrated into, an existing SCADA package offering data logging to prove appropriate temperature and vacuum levels—ensuring metallurgically sound parts with the proper aesthetics.

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