Continuous Low Range OEM Sensor

Continuous Low Range OEM Sensor

Low Range Dew Point system for accurate and reliable verification of gases using the latest in sensor technology

Commonly used for the verification of Hydrogen, Nitrogen or Argon dew point.  Rapid response sensor used for quick readings.

Dew Point Measurement

Measurement of very low dew points with high accuracy
Excellent long term stability
Rapid response time with fast stabilizing dew point reading
Durable against condensation
Dew Point Range:-148°F to +32°F (-100°C to 0°C) with ± 2.6°F (± 1.3°C) accuracy
Operating Temperature:-40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C)
Pressure Range:0 to 725 psi
Analog Outputs:0 – 1 V
Sensor Threads:NPT 1/2″