FNC & Nitriding

FNC & Nitriding

SSi Nitriding Control Panels are designed for new and existing furnaces. The control panel includes all the necessary components to meet sophisticated FNC and Nitriding specifications including AMS2759/12. All panels are designed to the latest editions of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and National Electric Code (NEC). Control panels include electrical and flow control components. The SSi Model 9215 FNC/Nitriding Controller will control the percent DA & KN and furnace temperature along with an interface to the HMI. Each control system includes complete recipe control and electronic data logging. The control systems are designed to meet your needs based on future or existing furnace design.

Batch, Vacuum, or Pit Furnaces

Complete control systems for Nitriding and FNC
Programmable controls and gas flow panels
SSi’s 9000 Series Nitriding and Temperature control systems
Follows NFPA safety regulations
Extensive alarming for temperature, flow, and pressure deviations
Integrated PLC communications


H2 Nitriding Analyzer

Displays Hydrogen (H2) at a range of 0 – 100%
Calculates and displays %DA and KN
Capable of %DA and KN with manual input of N2 and NH3 flows
Replaces ammonia dissociation burette with a digital reading
RS485 communications

Panels are designed specifically for furnace and atmosphere necessary.  Common specifications include the following.

Flow control (N2, NH3, %DA, CO2, Endothermic, H2)
Atmosphere measurement (O2, H2, %DA, KN)
Automatic single and multi-stage process
Precise control of compound layer
Automatic N2 emergency purge
Pre/post oxidation
Customizable HMI with built in data logging. Meets AMS 2750 G requirements.
Step-based recipe control
Sophisticated alarming for atmosphere and temperature deviation, gas flows and furnace mechanicals
All power control for furnace including fusing, disconnects, SCRs
Complete control panel or existing cabinet retrofits
Fully programmable (lights out operation)
Full engineering services: electrical drawings, installation and metallurgical evaluation