Load Entry 3 Software by SuperSystems: Streamlining Data Management

Load Entry 3

SSi’s Load Entry 3 software is part of the SSi SuperDATA suite of programs. Load Entry assists with recipe management and tracking by providing a single, PC-based interface to control all activities for a heat treat facility. Load Entry is accessible from any computer setup as a SuperDATA workstation, allowing multiple access terminals throughout a facility.

Seamlessly integrates with existing SSi and some third party controllers for creating, starting, and stopping recipes.
Works with SSi Configurator program to import recipes that have already been created.
Allows person to enter various operations, furnaces, recipes, parts and users.
Enables you to “apply” these items to one another as required by your facility.
Allows for easy tracking, management, and information retrieval.
Saves time and money.
Requires SuperDATAPro with DataCenter.
Minimum PC Specifications.
SuperDATA Server / Workstation.
Dell Precision T5820 Tower.
Windows 10 Professional, 64-bit.
Intel Xeon W-2223 Four Core Processor.
– Two (2) 512GB Solid State Hard Drives
– Configured for RAID 1
– Keyboard and Mouse
– 3 Year Basic Hardware Service Provided by Dell
Monitor Sold Separately (PN 31372)
Define the user their password and the claims to operational variables in the system. 
Define the operations in your heat treating facility.
Define the assets in use at your facility.
Create recipes, sequence of movement for specific parts through assets, parts with references to operations/recipes/sequences, work order template, custom fields for work orders.