Vacuum System

9220 Vacuum Control Systems

Super Systems provides furnace control panels for new and existing furnace applications. Our control systems are designed based on furnace specifications and customer requirements. We have addressed almost every vacuum furnace application in heat treating with various control packages. The controls are designed to meet industry specifications such as AMS 2750, 2759 and NFPA. We build control panels that are efficient for operators to use, conserve floor space and include all drawing sets and can provide all aspects of installation services.

Single-Door NEMA 12 Hoffman Electrical Enclosure

SSi’s 9000 Series with Touch Screen HMI
Allen-Bradley PLC
PC Configurator
Large color operator interface (touch screen)


Vacuum 5000

Temperature, vacuum, and load TCs
300 programs, 24 steps
Video recorder
Alarm and events
Bell, horn, and stack light
Optional MicroLogix PLC
Direct connection for two TC type gauges
Optional MM200 Televac vacuum controller for cold cathode

9220 Vacuum Controller

PID temperature control
Up to 48 load thermocouples
Web page compatible
Ethernet, RS485/Modbus RTU
300 24-step programs
8 user-assigned events
Customizable HMI with built in data logging. Meets AMS 2750 G requirements.
Step-based recipe control
Sophisticated alarming for atmosphere and temperature deviation and furnace mechanicals
All power control for furnace including fusing, disconnets, SCRs
Complete control panel or existing cabinet retrofits
Fully programmable (lights out operation)
Full engineering services: electrical drawings, installation and metallurgical evaluation