Nitrogen Methanol Systems by SuperSystems: Precision Solutions

Nitrogen Methanol Control System

SSi’s Nitrogen Methanol Flow System provides precise measurement and control for consistent atmosphere generation used in many furnace applications.  The system includes flow measurements, necessary set points, digital data logging, necessary safeties and an easy to use and understand interface.  We recognize the importance of a prepared atmosphere.  With the SSi Nitrogen Methanol System, you can let our experience and technology control a consistent, worry-free atmosphere.


Matrix Control System w/ 5.7″ Touchscreen
 Ethernet – Modbus TCP
 RS485 – Modbus RTU
 Allen Bradley DF1
 Expandable I/O
 Remote Control/View
 Advanceded PID algorithms w/ Auto Tuning
Built in Data Logging
Nitrogen eFlo Meter- Process
Nitrogen Gauge Meter- Purge
Methanol Liquid eFlo meter
All required Piping
Includes Regulators for Nitrogen and Methanol
High Flow / Low Flow settings


Methanol Flow Switch
Process Nitrogen Flow Switch
Emergency Purge Nitrogen Flow Switch
Nitrogen Pressure
1400°F Interlock
800°F Low Temperature Interlock
Overtemp (when temperature control loop present)
Burnoff Pilots Active
Recirculation Fan Running
Emergency Purge
5x Volume Exchange Purge In/Purge Out
Minimum Flow Monitoring

Optional Carbon and Temperature Loop Control

Enriching Gas Flow Meter
Dilution Air Flow Meter
Recipe Control (Ramp, Soak, Guarantee Soak, Event Control, Etc.)
Deviation and Band Alarms

Optional Reference Air and Burnoff System

Model 500 Single Probe Reference Air/Burnout System
Reference air and burnout flow scopes
Internal, independent reference air and burn off air sources
Designed to be mounted near the oxygen probe on the furnace

Optional Gold Probe

Delivers precision and repeatability in a variety of controlled
atmosphere heat treating processes
Various sizes and optional thermocouple types
Specialized sheath design for high carbon and temperature applications


Nitrogen Methanol