Atmosphere Furnace Systems

Super Systems provides furnace control panels for new and existing furnace applications. Our control systems are designed based on furnace specifications and customer requirements. We have addressed almost every atmosphere application in heat treating with various control packages. The controls are designed to meet industry specifications such as AMS 2750, 2759 and NFPA. We build control panels that are efficient for operators to use, conserve floor space and include all drawing sets and installation services.

Applications Include: 

Batch I/Q, Pit, Belt, Pusher, Bell, Car-Bottom, Roller Hearth, Rotary Furnace, Rotary Retort


Retrofit and new panel options
Shared HMI with PLC and process controller
5.7, 12.1, 15, 17″ Touchscreen options
Integrated PLC control via touchscreen 
Atmosphere and temperature control
User desired events and alarms
9000 or Matrix Series Programmable Process Controller
Windows PC or touchscreen options
Customizable HMI with built in datalogging. Meets AMS 2750 G requirements 
Fully programmable (lights out operation)