Matrix Series Controller

Matrix Series Controller

The exceptional scalability and rich application features make this controller ideal for multi-zone, multi-control applications.

The Matrix Series Controller provides a flexible platform for meeting a large variety of control applications. The expandable I/O for analog and digital cards allows for right-sizing an application. The instrument has all the built-in features for sophisticated thermal processing applications, includes a customizable HMI allowing the right interface to be created for the application, and it includes built-in data logging.

Multiple Screen Sizes
Expandable I/O
Robust Communication Supported
Multiple Recipe Programmers


MountingDIN rail
DisplayRemote Configurable Color Touch Screen
Supply Power24 Volts DC
Input TypesTC, mV, mA
Accuracy< 1%
Control TypeProportional (PID) On/Off or Analog Out
Control AlgorithmTemperature, Carbon, Dew Point, Pressure, Gas Flow, User-Defined
ConfigurationTouch Screen or PC Configurator
CommunicationsEthernet (Modbus TCP), Modbus RTU (RS485), Allen Bradley DF1, Televac MM200
Standard Connections2 RS-485 ports,
2 RS-232 ports,
1 Ethernet port supporting MODBUS/TCP,
1 USB device port,
1 Micro SD card slot
Optional Module Limits6 Analog input modules,
4 Analog output modules,
8 Digital input or output modules
4 Analog Input Module0-20 mA,
0 – 2.5VDC,
4 Analog Output Module4-20 mA
12 Digital Output ModuleUp to 48VDC,
500mA per channel max
2 banks with 6 inputs each, 2.5A max per bank
12 Digital Input ModuleUp to 48VDC,
3.3V digital pull-up provided,
Active low

Max Expandable I/O

FeatureMax Expandable I/O
Max Analog Inputs on Backplane24
Max Aux Analog Inputs40
Max Analog Outputs on Backplane16
Max Digital Outputs on Backplane64
Max Digital Inputs on Backplane32
Max PID Loops16
Max Calculated Variables8
Max Flow Meters8
Max Programmers8
Max Vacuum Gauges8
Max Probes8


Modular Matrix