SuperDATA Pro SCADA Software

SuperDATA Software Package

An HMI/SCADA package designed for the Heat Treat Market, SuperDATA contains a communication and data logging module, a visualization module and a trending module. Drive efficiency with an interface to your shop floor that provides real-time and historical process and load data efficiently.

Super Systems, your Heat Treat Automation Experts, are leading the way with IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions for shop floor SCADA. We are your path to intelligent heat treating.


Communications – DataCENTER, the data logging communications engine
Trend Display – SDRecorderPRO
Visualization – RealTimePRO/RealEditPRO
Alarm and Event Viewers
OPC Client/Server
Database integration
Scaleable to integrate


Proven solution – hundreds of installations covering thousands of furnaces worldwide, logging millions of data points
AMS 2750G and CQI-9 Compliant
Easy to use and administer
Cost-effective – no tag-based licensing
Integration point available for ERP
Reduced paper
Reliable data logging
Consistent, uninterrupted data logging

Plant Wide Data Acquisition

Continuous data logging
User-defined logging intervals down to 1 second
Paperless recording system
Quick access to realtime and historical data
Expandable to other equipment
Cost-effective, non-tag-based SCADA software
Collect, manage, and analyze data easily
Backwards compatible with Process Master alarm history and event tracking
Communications watchdog to ensure continuous data logging

Mobile Charting

Realtime and historical data
Tabular data view
Trend line data view
Notes entry
Date selection
Selectable display time

SD Status


Can be user-configured to monitor numerous conditions such as:

    • Server communications downtime
    • Loss of communications to individual equipment
    • Select alarm condition(s) from individual equipment

Provides programmable e-mail/text alerts when defined events occur.

    • E-mails can be configured for certain times and days of the week
    • E-mails can be set up to be sent after an alarm has been active for a user-defined amount of time

Asset Utilization

Department or single utilization
Cost per load reporting
Aids in calculating carbon footprint by demonstrating how assets are used



SuperDATA SCADA Software




Load Entry 3 – Schedule and Pyrometry