CO, CO2, CH4 Analyzers by SuperSystems

What is Multi-Gas NDIR?

SSI gas analyzers can be used for the calculation of carbon in endothermic and nitrogen methanol-based atmospheres with an input of temperature. The gases measured with our portable and permanently mounted devices are commonly found in heat treatment and prove valuable for troubleshooting furnaces or endothermic generators. These instruments meet CQI-9 requirements for daily generator and furnace atmosphere verifications. For certain applications such as ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC), a hydrogen cell can be added, providing additional information about the heat treatment process.

Our Portable Analyzers

Portable NDIR-PGA

Sample Tube

Our Continuous Analyzers

Continuous NDIR-MGA Single Furnace

Rack Mount NDIR-RGA Single Furnace

Continuous NDIR-MZA Multi-Zone

Continuous NDIR-SGA Single Gas

Sample Tube