Super Systems Compact HMI Software

Compact HMI Software: Intuitive Control with SuperSystems

Compact HMI is a software platform that allows you to create customized HMI screens using an application called Compact HMI Editor. A programmed HMI screen can contain a graphical display of equipment, graphical display of process data, and objects used for interaction with equipment. These screens can then be run on a compatible touch screen that works with Super Systems Inc. (SSi) 9000 Series controllers. The touch screen application from SSi that provides the framework for running customized HMI screens is Compact HMI.

Compact HMI can handle communications via the Allen-Bradley DF1, Modbus TCP, and Modbus RTU communication protocols. Using Allen-Bradley DF1, for example, with the touch screen connected to a compatible data device (such as a MicroLogix 1400 PLC via an RS-232 serial connection), Compact HMI can perform I/O operations with the data device and can access register values within the data device. Design tools within Compact HMI Editor allow you to program evaluations of register values and design multiple panels for use by the operator.

PLC Push Button Control

Uses DF1 Communications compatible PLC
Communicates with PLCs via RS-232 serial connection (DF1 or Modbus) or Ethernet (Modbus)
Screen Editor which runs on Windows computer for creating screens and mapping
Runtime Software (Executable for running software on controller screens)
User Defined
Status Driven
I/O Reference

Easy-to-Display Mechanical Components

PLC Interface
Controller Interface
Digital Chart Recorder
3 Screen Sizes



PLC for I/O

Color Touch Screen

    • Agitators


    • Limit Switches


    • Timers


    • Flame Screen


    • Fans
Status/Position Display