DPC 2530

DPC 2530

Measures/Controls/Alarms: Moisture Dew Point in Hydrocarbon Fuels

Continuous dew point system used for endothermic and exothermic generators, furnace atmospheres and plant air systems.  Continuous monitoring with control and alarm outputs.

Digital readout of dew point
Integral sample pump and filters
Communications for digital data logging
Standard Range:0 to 80°F (-17 to 27°C)
Accuracy and Repeatability:± °F (± 0.5°C)
Operating Temperature Range:0 to 120°F (-17 to 49°C)
Power:115/240 VAC 60Hz
Resolution:± 1 °F (± 0.1 °C)
Zero and Span Drift:± 1 °F (± 0.5 °C) Maximum
Digital Communications:RS485 (Modbus)