H2 Analyzer

H2 Analyzer

Hydrogen Nitriding Analyzer used for nitriding and other process gas applications – %DA, KN, %H2 % NH3

The hydrogen analyzer is used for the continuous monitoring of atmospheres where hydrogen is present.  Commonly used in Nitriding applications where %DA or KN is the necessary process variable.  KN is calculated with the input of process gas.



Measures H2 from 0 – 100% with 0.01% resolution
Calculates NH3, %DA, and Nitriding Potential (KN) for nitriding applications
Ethernet, USB and RS485 communications
Includes software for data management
Rugged enclosure for portable industrial use
Built in data logging
Color touch screen
AMS 2759/10 Compliant

Data Management Software Features

Included software for data management
Data manager for downloading
Print charts and tabular data
Add notes when capturing data
Graphical display on PC
Export utilities
Input voltage: 100 – 240 VAC
Maximum current draw: 0.2A @ 120 VAC
Enclosure weight: 22.5 lbs (10.2 kg)
Analog outputs: Two 4-20mA outputs common supply and isolated from other electronics
Output variables: %H2, %NH3, %DA, and KN on either output
Field calibration for zero and span
Ethernet and USB communications

Hydrogen measurement:

    • Range: 0 – 100%


    • Accuracy: ± 1%


    • Repeatability: ± 1%


    • Resolution: ± 0.01%
Sample flow rate: 1.5 to 2 cfh
Can input the flow rates of blended gas for accurate calculated values of KN