CAT-100 – % Carbon Analyzer

Precision Measurement of Carbon Potential in Furnace Atmosphere.

CAT-100 Sales Video
Wire Mounting Instructions
Precision Measurement

% Carbon displayed
Easy to use color touch screen
Low cost coils used for accurate results
30 minute soak/saturation time
Quench free
Independent of weight
Math/Calculation free
Readings take a matter of minutes
Onboard recording of results
Use for CQI-9 Daily Carbon Checks
Note: The CAT 100 coils are not compatible with carbonitriding processes. 


Insert the coil into the furnace, allow for soaking and insert into the testing apparatus for % Carbon reading

Modbus TCP Communications
USB Connectivity
Battery Powered
Downloadable Data
Exportable to Excel
Remote Webpage

Input Power Range:Universal, 85 - 264VAC
Accuracy:± .03% Carbon
Read Time:30 seconds per coil
Measurement Range: .1 to 1.3% Carbon
Operating Temperature:50 to 110 °F (10 to 43 °C)

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