Oxygen sensor for control in low temperature applications.

Ideal for package boilers, the Mini-OX in-situ oxygen sensor measures %Oxygen concentrations in the exhaust of furnaces, boilers and other applications. 

High accuracy linear output
Externally triggered automatic calibration
Can be calibrated in normal air
Mating connector supplied
Suitable for replacement of Honeywell MF010 and MF020 oxygen sensors

Technical Specifications:
Supply voltage24VDC +/- 10%
Supply current500mA max at 24VDC
Analog output4-20mA; load 600Ω max
0-10VDC; load 10kΩ max
Housing temperature limits14°F to 185°F (-10°C to +85°C)
Permissable gas temperatures (probe tip)-148°F to +752°F (-100°C to +400°C)
Gas flow rate0 to 33 ft/s (10 m/s)
Oxygen range (analog output)0.1 - 25% O2 (see Note 1 below)
Accuracy after calibration1% O2 (see Notes 2 and 3 below)
Repeatability after calibration0.5% O2 (see Notes 2 and 3 below)
Warm up time (prior to sensor operation)60s
Output stabilization time~180s

1) Prolonged operation below 0.1% O2 can damage the sensing element.
2) Assuming barometric pressure remains constant.
3) As the O2 sensor measures the partial pressure of oxygen within the measurement gas, deviations in the barometric pressure from that present during calibration will cause readout errors proportional to the change.
Example: If the sensor reads 21% O2 at 1013.25mbar and the barometric pressure increases by 1%, the sensor readout will also increase by 1% to 21.21% O2

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