Continuous NDIR-MZA

Continuous NDIR MZA for CO, CO2, CH4: SuperSystems Analyzer

Multi-Zone/Furnace Multi-Gas Analyzer

The MZA 6010 is a Multi-Gas Infared (IR) analyzer used to analyze gases in multiple zones of a furnace or furnaces. It measures Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Natural Gas (CH4) typically found in an endothermic atmosphere. The measurement of these gases, combined with furnace temperature information, allows the MZA 6010 to calculate the percent Carbon (%C) of the measured gas. A Hydrogen (H2) sensor can also be incorporated as an option to provide a more complete picture of the measured gas. Communications and zones can be configured based on a plant’s individual needs.

Analysis of multiple gases: CO, CO2, CH4, %C Calculations, Optional H2 sensor
Analysis of multiple furnace zones (up to 8)
Touch screen interface
Durable sampling system with external pump
Easy mounting of enclosures
Multiple atmosphere and temperature sources can be set up
Adjustable calculation factors based on atmosphere properties
Industry leading technical support
Gas sensors engineered and manufactured by SSi
Number of zones supported8
Gas RangesCO (0.00 to 30.00%)
CO2(0.00 to 2.000%)
CH4(0.00 to 15.00%)
Optional H2 Measurement with SSi H2 sensor (0.00 to 100%)
Measurement method for CO, CO2, CH4Non-dispersive Infared (NDIR)
Measurement Method for H2(with optional H2 cellThermal Conductivity
Accuracy and Repeatability+/- 1% of full scale
On-board calibration 
CommunicationsEthernet, USB(A), USB(B), RS485 Modbus
Data storageContinuous automatic data logging
Operating Temperature32°F to 122°F /0°C to 50°C
External DimensionsApprox. 16″H x 20″L x 8″D per enclosure
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