SSi’s Oxygen Analysis products have many uses in industry. For example, the e-TRIM system helps heat treaters maintain optimal fuel/gas ratios, allowing for fuel savings and cost containment. Our O2 sensor offerings allow for realtime monitoring and reporting of atmospheric % Oxygen with a web-enabled user interface. The SuperOX probe is an in-situ oxygen sensor measuring % Oxygen concentrations directly in the combustion area of high temperature furnaces, boilers and incinerators.




Oxygen Sensors


SSi’s oxygen probes and controllers are designed for the specific needs of monitoring and controlling combustion/process efficiency. We offer high and low temperature solutions for a variety of oxygen measurement applications. These applications range from glass melt tanks to package boiler and radiant tube exhaust. Power generation boilers, ceramic kilns, incinerators, steel reheat and holding furnaces, sulphur burners, open fired forge furnaces are some of the equipment/applications that benefit from these unique solutions.

Super-OX Probe

eTrim Burner Management System

Mini-OX Probe