eTrim Air/Fuel Ratio Monitoring System

eTrim Air/Fuel Ratio Monitoring System

Managing Excess Air – What’s right for your application

According to DOE studies – minimizing combustion air can deliver 35% savings. Checking and tuning air/fuel ratios is one of the simplest ways to get maximum efficiency out of fossil fuel fired process heat equipment.


3.5″ Color Touch Screen Display
Data Logging to Flash Memory
Burner “Out of Tune” Alarm
Multi-Sensor Inputs
Digital Input for High-Fire Notification
Burner Status Indication available remotely via web browser
Burner “not lit” alarm
Increased burner efficiency
Faster ramp to heat
Less fuel per load
Maximizes throughput
Reduce NOx & CO2
Increased radiant tube life

Excess air dilutes combustion

Lowers flame temperature
Less heat for the load
More heat in the exhaust gasses
Increase NOx

Optimum excess air for energy efficiency and pollution prevention

10% excess air – yields 2% excess O2 in combustion gases

Excess gas

Sooting in radiant tubes
Lower flame temperature
Unburned fuel
Dangerous gas emissions (higher CO)

Other benefits

Process repeatability
Maximum throughput
Even distribution of heat
Longer radiant tube life