9010 eSPP Setpoint Programmer with Data Logging

The eSPP communicates with basic setpoint temperature or carbon controllers, enhancing your capabilities by running simple or complex heat treat recipes without replacing existing instrumentation.

Digital data recording / data logging / trend display
Add handwritten or typed notes to trend charts
Ethernet- Modbus TCP, RS 232, RS485 (2) ports for SCADA interface
Easily integrated into existing SCADA platform
Universal recipe programmer
Multi-Language display
Software drivers include: SSi, Honeywell, Eurotherm, Yokogawa, and MSI atmosphere and temperature controllers
Setup for any Modbus communicating instrumentation
Stores 300 heat treat recipes
Easy editing of setpoint, soak times, and events
Utility software for remote configuration of recipes and data log reporting
Applications include batch, belt, and pusher, pit, vacuum, and temper furnaces
8 user defined events.
Examples include: alarms, probe burnoff, ammonia, end of cycle, force cool.

Typical ‘Program Status’ Screen

Program number running

Showing full program

Step number and segment type

Atmosphere and temperature set points

Event status

Special instructions

Current segment running

Time remaining

Time in segment

Total program time

Software Included:

TS Manager – Data management for touch screen flashcard. Remote data viewer, historical data backup, SuperDATA integration.
Configurator – Remote setup and configuration of controller.