Series 8 Controllers

Temperature and High Limit Controller

The Series 8 is SSi’s affordable line of process and high limit controllers. These products are used for many thermal processing and indicating applications. The Series 8 has universal inputs with relays and analog outputs allowing for versatility and a wide range of monitoring or controlling applications. With 3 options for sizes (1/16, 1/8 and ¼ DIN), the panel mount unit offers high accuracy universal inputs for PID control and high limit protection.

Built-In Timers (808, 808SR, 816, 804 Models)
Configurable Alarms: High, Low, Deviation, Band, Timer Complete
Auto-Tuning, Smart Tuning
Modbus 485 Comms
3 Configurable Relay Outputs
4-20mA Output (Models 804, 808)
24 V transmitter/supply (Models 804, 808)
3 sizes: 1/4 DIN, 1/8 DIN, 1/16 DIN
FM Approved, UL Listed, and CE Marked
Designed to combine temperature and timer operation for a temper/draw furnace
Easy-to-use logic inputs for push button operation of timer
Automatically download set point and time from SCADA software
Calibration Accuracy: <±0.25% of reading ±1LSD
Thermocouple Types: K, J, N, R, S, B, L, T, C Custom, RTD, and linear V and mA
Series 8 Configuration Software


Model NameModel NumberSizeRelayFM Relay4-20mA OutputSSR Drive OutputDigital InputsSlidewireRS485 Modbus RTUTimerFM Approval
808313431/8 DIN312XX
808R313451/8 DIN312XX
808L313461/8 DIN312XX
816313471/16 DIN31XX
816L313481/16 DIN211XX
804313491/4 DIN312XXX
804L313501/4 DIN312XX

Output 1

Relay Output (Form A, N.O.)
Isolated output 300 Vac CAT II
Contact rating: 2A, 230 Vac ±15% resistive
Logic (SSR Drive) Output (808R only)
Not Isolated
Output ON slate: 12Vdc @ 40mA max
Output OFF slate: <300mV, <100µA
Output switching rate must be set to prevent damage to output device

Output 2

Relay Output (Form A, N.O.)
Isolated output 300 Vac CAT II
Contact rating: 2A, 230Vac ±15% resistive

Output 3

Relay Output (Form A, N.O.) Models 808R, 808L, and 804L only
Isolated output 300 Vac CAT II
Contact Rating: 2A, 230Vac ±15% resistive
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Output 4

Changeover Relay (Form C)
Isolated output 300 Vac CAT II
Contact rating: 2A, 230Vac ±15% resistive.
NOTE: In FM versions, this output is FM approved and activated by Alarm 2

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    Temperature and Carbon Control