AC20 – Single Loop Controller

AC20 – Single Loop Controller

The AC20 controller is designed to control both endothermic generators and atmosphere furnaces. To accomplish both, the AC20 can display and control % Carbon, Dew Point or probe millivolts. In addition, Probe resistance, probe temperature, COF, H2F and probe recovery can be displayed.


Simple to configure, simple to operate
Designed specifically for atmosphere control
Functions well on batch or continuous furnaces and endothermic generators
1/4 DIN, % Carbon, Dew Point, O2 Millivolts
Internal timers for burnout / probe maintenance
On-board probe diagnostics
Events: 8 IN – 10 OUT
RS485, Modbus Communication protocol
Ships pre-configured per your specifications
Programmable when interfaced with SSi’s eSPP
Power Supply100V to 240V AC 50/60Hz or 24V AC/DC
Carbon Range0.00 to 2.00%
Dew Point Range-100 to 100 °F (-75 to 40 °C)
Oxygen Range0.0 to 25.0%


Temperature and Carbon Control